July 21, 2017

BTS and BTC Spending to Reach $84 Billion

Courtney Huckabay

With consumer confidence rising and more young people in school, back-to-college spending is expected to hit an all-time high this year while back-to-school spending is expected to see its second-highest spending level on record, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics.

July 17, 2017

Jewelry Shoppers Moving Online But Are Local Stores?

Courtney Huckabay

"A growing trend in jewelry retail: fine jewelry retailers are finally getting online. However, as online shoppers often remain hesitant to invest in a piece of jewelry, retailers are going to need to overcome the innate physical restrictions of e-commerce standards in order to capture a share of this growing market," Deborah Weinswig writes for Forbes.

July 14, 2017

New Kitchens (and Appliances) Lead to Healthier Lifestyles

Courtney Huckabay

For many, a new kitchen means a healthier lifestyle, according to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey. The survey of more than 2,700 U.S. homeowners using Houzz who are in the midst of renos, are planning remodels, or recently completed a kitchen renovation project revealed that a third of kitchen updaters report a healthier lifestyle post-renovation (33 percent). That includes cooking more meals at home (41 percent), with three-quarters cooking five or more meals at home per week (76 percent).

July 13, 2017

Trends Setting Carpet Cleaners Apart from Competition

Courtney Huckabay

"During the economic slowdown, many start-ups got into carpet cleaning but shut down pretty quick," Same Day Pros reports. "The trends by the beginning of 2015 have seen a great change. Carpet cleaners are setting up new businesses, and investing in improving the operations. It’s facilitated by the consumers who are ready to pay a bit more for great and long-lasting results."

July 10, 2017

Message Consumers Where Their Eyeballs Are!

Courtney Huckabay

LivePerson recently conducted a survey to uncover what consumers wanted from their preferred airlines in terms of customer service communications. After surveying 1,200 U.S.-based consumers age 18+ who travel four or more times a year, they found that messaging plays a key role in increasing the overall satisfaction consumers feel with their preferred airlines. These preferences can be incorporated into any digital marketer's arsenal, however.

July 6, 2017

Ecommerce for the Back-to-School Season Will Grow 14.8%

Courtney Huckabay

Retail sales during the back-to-school shopping season of July and August 2017 will grow 4% over 2016, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast. Last year set a record for back-to-school season sales, but 2017 will be even better. U.S. retail sales during those core months will reach an estimated $857.18 billion, accounting for 17% of total retail sales for the year, the editors at eMarketer report.

July 3, 2017

Smart TVs Electrify Connectivity Growth Through 2020

Courtney Huckabay

By the end of 2020 there are forecast to be 260 million installed devices attached to the internet and able to deliver apps to TVs, according to the latest NPD Connected Intelligence forecast. This represents 31 percent growth in TV-connected devices over the forecast period, led by smart TVs and streaming media players.